Introductory Post

Hello everybody and anybody who has stumbled across my blog.  This is my first ever attempt at writing a blog.  I’ve been told by a few people that I should start a blog so this is it.

My overall aim is to motivate people to enjoy a happy life.  I take great pleasure in helping people through hard times, pushing people to achieve and if this blog succeeds in motivating just one person then I have succeeded in my books.

So the theme of my blog is highlighted by what I feel are 3 strong foundations to a great life, and I’ll briefly explain each now and why I feel this.

First off, fitness.  You would think fitness speaks for itself but I feel it’s an underestimated term.  To some, fitness means running 5km’s in 20 minutes.  For others, it’s sprinting 100m in 10 seconds.  While to others it’s about lifting 200kg’s off the ground.  So I feel it’s necessary to assign a definition of ‘fitness’ for the purposes of my blog.

For this, I’ll take the words of Mark Lauren from his book, ‘You Are Your Own Gym’: the degree to which a person possesses muscular endurance, strength, power, balance, flexibility, coordination, speed, and cardiovascular endurance.  For this blog, fitness is an all encompassing term.  The reason I chose this is because as one of the pillars, possessing a high level of fitness as that term is now defined has profound effects on the quality of your life.

When your fitness increases, your health increases.  When your fitness increases, your confidence increases.  These two reasons alone are substantial enough to seek higher levels of fitness.  And the great thing is, anybody is capable of achieving above average levels of fitness.  We aren’t all going to be Olympians, but that’s okay.  This blog will be about helping people achieve a very good foundation of fitness, which I promise will overflow into all levels of your life.  But that’s enough of that, now, Focus.

What do I mean by Focus?  Surely everybody knows what focus is.  What I mean by Focus as a pillar to a great life, is the Focus on a craft, sport, hobby, anything.  And this focus is something that you develop a mastery of.  It can literally be anything.  And it can change as your life goes on.  Right now, my Focus’s are futsal and calisthenics.  What this means is I spend a great deal of my spare time increasing my skill at these two areas through consistent Practice.  I emphasized practice because that is a part under focus that I will deal greatly with.  Reason being most of us don’t really know how to practice something.  We think ‘Go to football training weekly to practice’ or something similar.  But what I’ve learned through reading several books and applying the principles is that practice in itself is and art – the art of practice.  And only when you truly, consciously practice something, can you ever achieve mastery.  And the point of Focus is to achieve mastery (or really, be on the path of mastery) in something you really enjoy, as I’ve found this to bring great happiness to my life.

Phew, okay finally Freedom.  Once again, I’ll be using a more abstract definition for this pillar.  What I mean by freedom is, basically taking from Victor Frankl’s book A Man’s Search for Meaning, is freedom of the mind.  Freedom of choice in any situation.  This type of freedom is very unclear to the general masses.  How often do you hear a colleague complain ‘I have to do this, I need to this, my husband is making me do this, blah blah blah’.  The thing is, every single human being has freedom of choice.  Everything you do is by choice.  Now I can imagine a lot of you will be thinking ‘what are you talking about, I HAVE to work, I HAVE to etc etc’.  That’s the second facet of freedom of choice, is that every choice you make you ACCEPT all the consequences.  And if you’re accepting the consequences you are choosing them.  But no matter what, you can choose either way.  And to truly achieve happiness in life you need to grasp this concept and trust me when you do, you will feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders.  I know I did.  

I’ll use a fairly simple example of myself and my housemate.  We both studied law and commerce.  I’m an accountant and he’s a lawyer.  He works 8am to 6pm and makes more money than me.  I only work 8:30am to 5:00pm with pretty much no overtime ever.  So what is my point?  He constantly complains about how much he has to work.  What my point is, no – he does not have to work so much.  The choice here is A) work long hours in current field and B) not work long hours either in same field or different field.  The consequences? A)Higher pay and higher chance of promotion or B)Less pay and lower chance of promotion.  Nobody is holding a gun to his head making him work long hours.  Some people might say ‘but he needs to if he wants to make more money’.  And that’s part of my point.  Because he wants to make more money he is choosing longer hours.  On the other side of this is me, I don’t ever complain about how little I make because that is what I have chosen.  I choose this because I prefer to have more free time to work on my passions and live my life.  There will be plenty of blog posts on things like wasting time away.  But for now I hope my little example cleared the air a little.  And if not, I hope to do so in later posts.

Thank you all that have taken the time to read my first post.  I will typically write each blog under one of the three pillars so I can focus on finer details in each.  There may be posts that cover more than one but we’ll see how I go.

Until then.


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