I felt quite compelled to write a post under Freedom due to a exchange of words with another Futsal player last night, which relates to my recent achievement of 1000 juggles.

My goalkeeper and I were outside the venue doing a bit of warm up and a guy sat next to my keeper while I was up kicking the ball.  My goalkeeper just came out and said that ‘he got over 1000 the other day!’  I just kind of laughed that he would blurt that out and didn’t think much of it, but the guy’s response is something that highlights the type of thoughts and behaviour that the third pillar is targeted to broadly targeted towards.  Not just his behaviour but also my own, and hopefully, your own in the future.

‘You’ve got too much time on your hands’.  Before I go on about what else he said, I’d like to just break this sentence down and analyse it.  Here we are at a Futsal venue and we both clearly play.  This guy does not know a single thing about me or my life.  I’ve just achieved something and the first thing he can think of is something negative.  And don’t get me wrong, his words are of no interest to myself as I have no care for what he has to say, but this kind of attitude is would generally anger or frustrate people.  This is purely an envious and ego driven response that reflects his own lack of self-esteem and inadequacies, especially with what he said next.

‘You should be chasing girls instead’.  This is a typically, ego driven comment.  And words on screen don’t do justice because the effect was felt by the way he said it, as if I’m some kind of virgin geek.  Now this is the important part – my reaction.  This sort of situation is text book lead up to a punch on.  I could have easily let my ego take over and say something like ‘Chasing girls?  Yeah maybe someone like you needs to do a lot of chasing you fat ugly c*nt’, by which physical violence would have almost guaranteed to ensue.

However, I took no interest.  I laughed it off and stopped talking to him.  This was an exercise my freedom to choose my reaction.  A lot people will say ‘but he said this’ or ‘he did that’ trying to justify their response.  However, when you break it down and realise that words from a stranger are really meaningless and does nothing, you are free to respond accordingly.  There is no ego involved, no judgement.  It is solely HIS problem if he wishes to act like that.  It is only when you feel hurt or threatened when you react different.  But the thing is, they are just words.  Vibrations emitted from one person’s voice box translated into sound in the brain.  The only possible way that can affect you is if you choose to let it affect you.

I will take themes mentioned in this post and flesh them out more in further posts.  However I just wanted to make an observation and reflection on a situation that a former version of my self may not have handled so well.


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