Progress update – Handstands

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but this is just a quick post of my handstand progress and what I’m aiming for.  From a few months ago I couldn’t hold half a second hand stand to now my best in the video about 25 seconds.  Handstands are absolutely incredible for upper body strength.

My goal first is to hold a perfect handstand for a solid minute.  From there I will work on doing handstand push ups without a wall to assist.



2 thoughts on “Progress update – Handstands

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kirilee :).
      There are heaps of different ways to help with handstands, in fact I might write an article on them soon.
      Probably the best I’ve found so far is to practice against a wall and push your feet away from the wall and try to balance. If you fall forward just lean against the wall again and try again. Slowly you’ll start being able to hold your feet in the air longer and longer. Hope that helps, I look forward to hearing how your handstands are going 🙂

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