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Great passage from Paulo Coelho’s The Manual of the Warrior of Light:

First:  God is sacrifice. Suffer in this life and you will be happy in the next.

Second:  People who have fun are childish. Remain tense at all times.

Third: Other people know what is best for us because they have more experience.

Fourth: Our duty is to make other people happy. We must please them even if that means making major sacrifices.

Fifth:  We must not drink from the cup of happiness; we might get to like it and we won’t always have it in our hands.

Sixth:  We must accept all punishments. We are guilty.

Seventh: Fear is a warning.  We don’t want to take any risks.

These are the commandments that no warrior of light can obey.

Great message about not following ‘tradition’ or ‘rules’, cutting your own path through life.  I recommend reading the whole book, it’s not a story but a series of passages like the above as guidance for being a ‘warrior of light’ in a seemingly dark world.  Maybe Dan Millman and Paulo can get together and write ‘The Peaceful Warrior of Light’?